Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Sorting out / Going further

We began our week with a trip to the Natural History Society.

We had a list of questions that we went there with seeking answers from the curators there. The trip gave us so much of information about tiny creatures , their lifestyle, their identification traits, food habits, life span etc etc.

Learning about the changes the butterfly undergoes.

Inspired by the butterfly presentation we set out to work on our presentations.

To enhance our IT skills further we learnt how to create a google drive presentation as some of us chose to present our research through a presentation.
As a school we strongly believe and practice academic honesty. To inculcate the same we learnt how to cite sites that we have taken pictures and information from. We also gave credit to those who helped us or if we had used anything created by someone.

Finally, our budding entomologists were ready to give their presentations and teach their buddies about the insect they were researching on.

The presentation we created - Lady bugs

Through these presentations we tried to understand and address the concepts of -
* Function - What is the role of the tiny creatures?
*Change - What are the changes the creatures undergo
- How do they adapt                    
* Responsibility - How should we behave / take care of them

As we are looking at responsibility as one of our key concepts for this UOI, we took on the role of a teacher and were made responsible for teaching our friends about the life cycle of the creature we were studying about. We also had to plan an design a craft activity for the same.

Using our research and communication skills we continued to work on our Non Chronological reports.

We continued to work on graphs and understanding of frequency tables.

During our assembly this week we gathered with all our PYP friends and spoke about things we can say or do to fill others and our own buckets.

During our guided reading time we shared about the books we have been reading over the past weeks. We gave our reviews on them and tried to persuade our friends to read them.
We also went to the library and picked the books we would like to read in our next guided reading time.

Our friend Meeshaa presented what she has been learning about in her Spanish class. 
Bravo Meeshaa!!! Thank you Ms. Shruti for such fun Spanish lessons.