Sunday, 8 September 2013

Our first class assembly!!!!

In ancient India, during the Gurukul system of education, community life was an integral part of education. The teacher and student fraternity had the chance to meet at the time of common prayers and meals, which resulted in greater bonding. We at Edubridge also believe in developing strong bonds. We have assemblies every Wednesdays where each grade can showcase their learning or share anything with the rest of the students what they wish to.

Wednesday the 4th of September it was the turn of our students to put up an assembly.During the journey of our first class assembly we learnt a lot. We learnt how to work as a team and co operate and support each other. We brainstormed.....discussed....voted and then finally agreed on presenting what we had learnt in our UOI for the assembly. Then we discussed how and what part of our leaning do we want to show.We mutually agreed to put up a short skit through movements. Ms. Lalita helped us with the same.

We are learning about formal and informal letters. So we wrote invitation letters to invite our friends from the other grades for our assembly.

We made envelopes and then personally went to invite the.

         Junior Kindergarten                                                                                               Grade 1

             Senior Kindergarten                               Grade 5


We also learnt how to write formal letters. We wrote a letter of request to MS. Nirmala for booking the Akira studio for the assembly.

Our letter of request
Confirmation reply from Ms. Nirmala

 We also wrote formal letters to invite our school coordinators, our principal and the other teachers.


We made masks in the Art class to portray that there were no life when Earth actually was formed.                                         
                             Here is where you can watch the final "D day". Hope you enjoy it.

Exploring the Earth.

     Layers of the Earth!!

It may seem like the Earth is made up of one solid rock, but its really made up of number of parts. Some of them constantly moving!You can think of Earth as being made up of a number of layers sort of like an egg.

                            Exploring and comparing the layers in an egg with the layers in the Earth.

We made our own models of the Earth with clay.

To show our understanding we painted the layers of Earth and explained what each one consisted of and what state they are in.



Saturday, 7 September 2013

Learning about the first supernova planet - Pangea

PANGEA- The Super Continent

Looking at a globe its hard to imagine that all these landmasses were once all joined together into one large super continent  - Pangea. If you look closely the Eastern coast of South America seems to fit perfectly, almost like a puzzle, into the Western coast of Eastern Africa. At the same time, North America can be rotated slightly, and made to fit comfortably next to Europe and Asia.  
       Scientists now believe that 250 million years ago, a super continent known as Pangea existed. This super continent was made up of all the continents on Earth. Over time, these have broken apart and drifted away from one another. This drift continues today, so that the form the Earth takes today is not by any means the final shape of our Earth.
        We began exploring the same in our classroom using the strategy of cover puzzle.

As the picture revealed itself we discussed and brainstormed and thought of what did it remind us of? ..... What else could it be?  ...... What does this piece make you think of?




 We reflected on the same and then researched about how Pangea split up and made a timeline for the same.