Thursday, 17 September 2015

Summative time

The short week of 3 days just flew by. In this short span we worked on our summative task. 

For our summative task we had to create a movie to show a conflict situation and resolve them using the 5 strategies we had learnt.

  • We began by thinking of a conflict scenario.
  • We had 5 strategies so , we made 5 scenes.
  • After that we practiced and finalized our roles.
  • Once we were ready, we recorded the clips of the different scenes.
  • We used open shot video editor to put the movie together. 
Our movies:

Reading time with our learning buddies form Grade 2.

B.U.I.L.D. time

Skating time!!!

This week couldn't have ended any better. The awesome show put up by my students to celebrate my birthday was truly heart touching. Felt like a queen and was extremely proud to see them work....plan....organise....practice during their lunch breaks...... just to make me feel special on my birthday. Couldn't have asked for a better birthday surprise!! A big thank you to my fuzzies !!!!

A splendid gymnastics show followed by dances

The beautifully choreographed dances by Grade 3

I love you !!!!

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Ways we can resolve conflicts

This week we have been busy learning to apply the 5 different strategies that we learnt to resolve a conflict.
Avoid - Keep away
Compromise- half half
Collaborate - working together
Accommodate - Do it together for everybody 
Force - fighting

Take a look at how we applied the strategies to the different conflict situations - 

We have been busy making a conflict corner for our classroom which we will be keeping up in our class through the year to help us recollect how to solve conflicts amicably.

In Language, we have been working on creating an ad to persuade people to buy the shoes designed by us. 
Stay tuned to look at the completed ads next week.

This week we began our guided reading circles with our Grade 2 learning buddies.This has been designed to provide differentiated teaching that will support the students to develop proficiency in their reading abilities. The small group model will help us to focus more on the specific needs of the students, accelerating their progress.

We have built a word wall in our class to help us spell some commonly used words by us.

In Math, we have been working on our addition and subtraction skills. take a look at one of the ways we have been working on our mental math skills.

B.U.I.L.D. time

In ICT, we have been learning about cyber bullying from the Common Sense Media. What it means to be an upstander, bystander and a target. We have been learning what to do when we are faced with such a situation.

To learn more click on Power of words

To get some tips click here CYBERCULLYING__FamilyTip.pdf

During our assembly time, along with grade 4 and 5 we worked on making the map of the school to help the guest find their way around. 

We are extremely proud of Sadaf for achieving her fortnightly goal. Well done Sadaf!!!!

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Happy Teachers Day!

This week we have been busy working on learning the different ways of solving conflicts. 

We began by playing a small game in which we pushed against each other to understand what if feels like when one is in conflict.

We then saw a small video that taught us the 5 steps to take to resolve a conflict amicably.


                The steps we learnt were - S - stop and think
                                       T - talk about your feelings
                                       A - ask questions
                                       T - team up for solutions
                                       A - agree on solutions

We looked at the story of - The Zax. Post the story we sat and applied the STATA to see how we could solve the conflict if we were the Zax.

Take a look at how we did -

We learnt about 5 Strategies to solve problems, such as avoid (keep away), compromise (half - half), collaborate (working together). accommodate( do it together for everybody) and force(fighting).

Stay tuned to see how we used this strategies to solve the different conflict scenarios given to us!

We completed our persuasive writing assignment. So moms and dads get ready to get your little ones these pets........

We made our essential agreements to follow during reading circles with our Grade 2 learning buddies.

In Math, we have been working on our place value posters.

Daily morning Math

Playing the mine field game to work on our team building skills.

We further strengthened our understanding of our 'Rings of responsibility' on the internet.

As rightly quoted .......Teachers open the doors but you must enter yourself.
During our assembly this week , our PYP students with the help of Ms. Pramila, Ms. Julie and Prashant sir put together a lovely celebration to make our day special. Thank you for the lovely assembly.
A very happy teachers day to all the teachers everywhere.