Sunday, 28 February 2016

Going further

We began the week by looking at the box puppets we created to identity the details we had added to make the box come alive as the character we wanted it to look like.

                                                 Exploring expression through our bodies.

Trying our hands at exploring making the puppets come alive through our voice modulation and movements.

Working with our partners on a short script. 

Our friends had to identify what feeling were we trying to show through the performance.

We experimented at story telling using puppets.

A sneak peek into two of our performances.

A surprise performance by the girls - Naira, Isha, Meeshaa and Drishti.

This week we learnt how to make marionette puppets. 

As we have been focusing on expression and feelings, in Language we looked at character traits.
inspired from

We played charades to enact different character traits 

Using - to make our character traits wordle.

Our character trait wordles


We looked at what characters say and do to show their traits.

Beginning, middle and end in stories kept us hooked too.

In Math, we have been learning about fractions. We looked at a cartoon (another form of expression) and thought about what we could learn from it.
Exploring simple fractions

As this unit is all about being creative, we thought of bringing it into our Math lessons too. We designed our fraction pizzas and identified the fractions of toppings on each.

In Art, We have been learning about weaving in our art class. We had the freedom to cut our warp and weft strips however we wanted to and could use whatever color we desired. We quite grasped the concept of alternating layers and enjoyed pulling the paper through the slots. Just wanted to share some of our amazing pieces. 

Sunday, 21 February 2016

How we express ourselves

We have began our journey of exploring the world of puppets. Our new Unit of Inquiry -  How we express ourselves is going to help us explore about different kinds of puppets and how they are used to entertain,

Tuning In....

We began by exploring making shadows with our bodies taking on our learning from the previous unit of Shadows and light.

We moved on to explore shadows that objects and stick puppets would make.

To tune into our creative sides we used scrap materials to make a replica of ourselves.

We put up a small performance using the puppets we created with our partners.

Off we went to visit the Kala Ghoda festival to see the various ways people had expressed themselves through Art.

We came back and brainstormed what are some other forms that can be used to express oneself.

A surprise visit from Ms. Lilliete, who is a puppet maker by profession. She showed us different kinds of puppets, the materials we use to make a puppet etc. Thank you Ms. Anjali for arranging such a lovely surprise.

Unfolding the central idea

Going Further....

Through a presentation on shadow puppets, we learnt the history, origin and other details of this form of puppetry. 

Using this as an exemplar we stared on our research journey to find out more about other forms of puppets.

Presentation time!

We were off to another field trip. This time we visited the Xavier's Boys academy to see the lovely exhibition on puppets there. Ms. Cynnie and her friends showed us different kinds of puppets. 

They also taught us how to make a box puppet.

Meeshaa made some puppets at home. She and her friends put up a short impromptu show for us.
 Bravo Meeshaa, Isha and Drishti. 

We worked on typing and putting our poems together adding pictures and borders. Stay tuned till we get them printed .....For the love of Poems by Grades 2 & 3

This unit is all about exploring different ways of expressing ourselves.  In Language, as part of the transdisciplinary learning, we will be understanding how to write stories.

We began by identifying the key elements of a story.
Stay  tuned to see how the world of stories unfolds..........

In Math, we have been working with the concept of Division. 

During the assembly time we had Grade 1 tell us about the celebration of Valentines day as part of their unit on Celebrations. Thank you Grade 1, Ms. Jessica and Ms. Maya for the sweet and informative assembly about St.. Valentines.

Skg shared their summative tasks with us to show how static and moving images can be used to give out a message. Well done Skg and Ms. Abigail.