Thursday, 24 March 2016

Happy Holi!!!!

We began the week by reflecting on the trip to Wada.

The last week we have been busy honing our skills at being puppeteers. We paired up with our buddy and we tried different voice modulations and different expressions.

Through the week we learnt how to make sock puppets. We saw a video that showed us how sock puppets can be moved to help enhance the character.

Inspired from the video we got set to make our own sock puppets.

Once our puppets were ready we divided ourselves into groups. Using the puppets we created as characters in our story we came up with a plot around them.

Converted our story into play scripts.........

Practiced our performances


In Math, we have been comparing fractions. We learnt fraction on number lines too.

In our Language assembly this week, we shared what we have been learning in our French, Spanish and Hindi lessons. Kudos to Ms. Shruti, Ms. Maya and Ms. Patricia our second language teachers!

As a transdisciplinary integration, in our Hindi class we learnt all about Kathputli's. We enjoyed sharing that with our PYP friends.

The week ended with a lovely Holi celebration with our friends and teachers. Thank you Ms. Jessica and Grade 1 for inviting us to this lovely celebration as part of their unit on Celebrations.


Saturday, 12 March 2016

Wada Camp

After the long wait the D day to embark on our journey finally dawned. With heavy hearts our parents waved us goodbye and off we went off to Wada.

The two hour drive didn't hamper our spirits

Wada, here we come!!!!

Day 1

Injunction time
Understanding the do's and dont's of the camp

Off  to sightseeing 
We began with visiting the fair put up as part of the celebration for  Mahashivratri 

Wild exploration
After the refreshing sugarcane juice off we went to explore the 50 acre of the camp area

Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.
Post lunch and rest it was time to try our hand at the game of Patax

Barbecue time
After a sweaty sporty evening, we decided to roast the sweet potatoes we bought from the fair in the morning.

Day 2

We = Power
We began the day with an obstacle course. The students were divided into two groups and were given a challenge to cross from one end to the other over the obstacles using two bamboos. They could not even step foot on the ground except the safe zones!!! 

Whizzing by on the zip line
After the brilliant display of camaraderie and sportsman spirit, it was time to fly free like birds in the sky.

Bathing in the mud!!!!
From flying in the sky to rolling in the mud. Wow that felt soooooo cool

Its raining ....its pouring...... Rain dancing......yippeee
What a way to beat the heat

Archery time
After lunch and a deserved rest , we set out to try our hands at archery 

Alphabet soup
We ended our day with a game - Alphabet soup

Day 3

Off to trek
Day 3 started early. We set out to trek on the hills. The cool breeze and the breath taking views made it worth giving up the early morning sleep

Adventure time
Post breakfast we tried our hands at different adventures.
We started with the "Burma bridge"

Commando bridge across the river

Swaying bridge

Other activities

Competition time
Post lunch we were all ready and gearing to show off our new found skills of archery. We competed with our friends to see who can hit the most BULLS EYE'S

We ended the day with some star gazing.

Special moments
Washing up post meals

Fun time games

Reflection times

Special moments

Finally on our way back home......with heavy hearts but lovely memories etched in our minds

Thank you Andre Sir, Ms. Disha and Prabi Sir for making this such a memorable and comfortable trip.

To watch our journey as a video check the Grade 4 blog

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Happy Birthday Dr Seuss!!

This week we celebrated Dr Seuss's birthday. We put up puppet shows to present stories written by him.
We began with a puppet show. The puppeteers told us about who Dr Seuss was.

Reading other books by Dr Seuss.

Identifying the middle, beginning and end of the stories

Learning how to turn a story into a play script

Working on making the play scripts of the stories we read

Creating the settings and paper bag puppets of the characters in the stories for the puppet show

Practicing for "The performance"

Light...... camera ........ action 

We assessed our peers on their performances

Ms. Julie and Ms. Kinjal put up a  puppet show to explain to us the benefits of choosing healthy food over junk food.
Thank you Ms. Julie and Ms, Kinjal, Ir was very entertaining and informative.

In Math, we have been learning about mixed fractions.

This week in the assembly our little friends from JKG and nursery taught us the importance of being together.
                                                     We did some team building activities

Happy birthday Dr Seuss!!

Reflecting on our thoughts before the trip next week

Stay tuned for the updates on our trip next week!!!