Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Forms of body systems

 In this short week of 3 days we have been superrrrrr busy and excited! As they say....'Good things come in small packages", we started the week with our very own school e mail id's. Thank you Mick sir for creating our id's on the Edubridge domain.

We began working on researching about our assigned body system. 

We put our creative thinking caps on and began our journey into the complex human body. It was fun to recreate the systems using scrap materials.

Stay tuned as we will be soon presenting our understanding of how the different system works.

This week we put up an assembly on conflict resolution. We invited our PYP friends to share with them some of the things we had learnt about conflict resolution. Everyone enjoyed watching the ball fight movie we had put together. We felt so proud of ourselves.

As part of the action of our conflict unit, the students came up with the idea of giving a friendly 5 poster to each class post the assembly so that they can remember the steps to use to resolve a conflict.

Our first independent action post a unit!!!!!!!

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Beginning of the end !!!

This week we began with our last unit of inquiry in Grade 3! We are going to learn about our complex human body. In this unit, students will get an opportunity to learn about the human body and how the various systems in the body are interconnected.

 The expected learning outcomes:

  •        to develop an understanding of how different organs in the body function
  •      to understand how different organs in the body interact with each other
  •      to comprehend how exercise and our food affect our lifestyle

      During this unit we will be doing a lot of research work to find out about our mystical human body. 
 We began with trying to figure out how our human skeleton looks. The students were given a bag of cut outs and were asked to create something with it. Take a look at how they finally figured it out........

Post this, we moved on to the internal organs that are found inside our body. We tried to figure out what was what and where is it found within our body.

We had Ramon sir come to class to help us unfold the central idea and show us how physical exercises are connected to the well being of the human body.

We explored different books on the human body and read some interesting facts.

Stay tuned for our human body systems projects.    

     In Math, we continued to explore addition and subtraction with money. We were toooooo excited to go shopping and buying things from different shops.

The highlight of the week was to have our friend Jason join us in class through Skype. It was wonderful to have him with us even though he is in Thailand. 

                                                             We miss you J......NNRS.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Good bye conflicts!!!

         "Conflict cannot survive without your participation."

                                                                                                                Wayne Dyer

Grade 3 has been busy scripting, enacting, directing, recording and editing their video on 'The Ball Fight.' 

This was their culminating task to display their learning from the unit. It was a challenging task but we managed to get through without any conflicts.

Presenting the debutante's - NNRSJ ......

                                                               THE BALL FIGHT

This week in Math, we began learning about currencies and the timeline of money.

We began by exchanging storybooks with each other and realised that at some point no one wanted to exchange a particular book. By this activity we understood why barter system became redundant and there was a need to develop other systems of exchange.

 We also explored coins from the times of British rule.Thank you, Ms. Disha for letting us explore your collection of coins.

A small glimpse into how much we enjoyed exploring the coins...

We moved on to the existing mode of exchange. We looked at the features of currency notes from various countries and compared it with Indian currency. Thank you JB sir, Ramon Sir, Ms. Nerisha, Ms. Lalita and Ms. Saloni for lending us the currencies of different places.

Comparing the currencies using a Venn diagram.

This week Grade 5 had invited the students from grades 1 - 4 for a Fantastic Math game as part of their summative assessment. They had planned, designed, organised and executed the game all by themselves under the guidance of Ms. Cecilia.
Well done Grade 5 ! Thank you for inviting us, it was a lot of fun!!!!!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Wrapping up

Conflicts arise everyday. Countries, political groups, and individuals can be in conflict. To keep our communities and playgrounds safe, it’s important that we learn how to resolve conflict. We have been learning some valuable skills which will help us get along well with others, solve conflicts peacefully, and avoid violent situations. We have been role playing and discussing several conflict situations and solving them step wise.

 We worked on setting up a conflict corner in the class. We made posters and charts depicting the strategies and techniques we had learnt to resolve conflicts. Some of us have decided to visit the conflict corner when we are faced with a conflict.

We played a game School is cool online to understand better the different conflicts we face at school and how we can amicably solve them.

We pretended to be radio hosts to the weekly radio show -  Conflict Corner.
The conflict corner  is a weekly radio show where people call in with conflicts they’re having and the hosts of the show help them solve their problems. This week, our Grade 3 students were the guest host on the show, giving advice to kids with conflicts. 

Here is a sneak peek at what the experts suggested.......

 And of course the highlight of this week was the first  EIS annual day. It could not have been more perfect!!!!!! Way to go EIS students. You made us so proud.

A special THANK YOU to all the teachers who made this journey such an enjoyable and memorable one.