Thursday, 27 February 2014

Mathastic Fantatstic .....Dr Seuss week

Finally, it was time to put all the hard work of last week to test. Mathastic was a great great success.

Get a  sneak peek into the Mathastic -

This week we celebrated Dr Seuss week.  Events like these encourage children to enjoy new authors and books. As part of the celebration, we read books written by Dr Seuss, researched about him, watched a movie based on one of his books - The Lorax, we painted and created a display and went around taking a survey asking what would they do if they had duck feet. QUACK  >> QUACK 


 Painting the glass window to make our class display of Dr Seuss.

We had the Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 and Thing 2 visit us....

Thank you Ms. Cecilia, Ms. Disha and Ms. Jessica for arranging these surprise guests. We truly enjoyed it.

Inspired by some of Dr Suess quotes, Grade 3 has set a goal -----

" The goal of grade 3 to read whenever they are free......

Friday, 21 February 2014

Summing up the unit

Over the past week, we have been working on organizing a math quiz for Grades 4 and 5 as our summative task to showcase our understanding of the central idea - In a workplace people share responsibility towards a common purpose.
We began with brainstorming on what were the things that would be required to be done to put the quiz together. We then moved on to making a timetable for ourselves to plan how we would go along doing the same. We discussed and distributed jobs among ourselves and decided who would be responsible for what.
We did all that was required to put together the quiz starting from writing a permission letter to Ms. Pramila, asking her permission to host the quiz to writing an email to Ms. Ramanpreet with the list of resources. We then moved on to research and putting together the questions that we would ask at the quiz. We finally ended our preparations with sending out invites to all the teachers and students of Grade 4 & 5 to participate in the quiz.

Stay tuned for ...........
Inline image 1

In Math, we worked on fractions and their decimal representation. During fun Math, we explored 3 D shapes, fractions, word problems and calculations using the four operations.

We had rounds of Dumcharades where we had to enact action words and our friends had to guess them.

We read books and then reflected on the same answering the Yes and NO questions and sorting the question cards accordingly.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Week 24

We began this week by presenting the information we collected from the interviews last week through a report. 

We also went around interviewing teachers in the PYP to find out what were the responsibilities they shared and how they help to contribute achieve the school goal.

On our field trip to the Cathedral school library, we saw a different way a school library can be organised. We learnt how Ms. Malti had organised the library as per the needs of their school. We also made her a card to show our appreciation for welcoming us to her library and patiently answering all our young interviewers. Thank you to Ms. Nirmala for organizing this lovely leaning experience for us.

We reflected on our filed trip through a Venn diagram. We compared the Cathedral library with our own school library.

                         This week in Math, we learnt how to compare fractions using a number line.

We also had a fun math session, where through centres we reviewed our addition and place value skills.

This week,  Arshia Sattar an Indian author came to visit our school. She read us an excerpt from one of her books. We were so engrossed in her story that time just flew by.......and made us think what would we do if Hanuman came and sat on the bed next to us????

Grade 4 invited us to see their lovely inventions of simple machines. It was a lot of fun. Thank you Garde 4 for sharing your inventions with us.