Sunday, 17 December 2017

We went further by organizing digital media by sorting them through a 3 ringed Venn diagram so that we could understand the different uses of the new age tools.

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Taking information from our grandparent interview we worked in three different groups to work on creating an animated presentation using Powtoon to show -
How life was before digital media
How life was when the digital media was introduce
How it has become now

Watch our Powtoons here - 🔻

Learning how to organise our drive

We moved on to exploring the Google drive to understand how to organise our drive using folders and correctly naming documents

We visited our library to find out how we organize our library digitally. Thank you Ms. Julie and Prashant Sir for the informative session.


Skype time
We had a surprise guest from China, our ex teacher Ms. Jessica and Ms. Cecilia came into our class through Skype. We spoke to them in Spanish and learnt a few things about China from them.

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We believe that debating is an excellent way for students to
  • Develop excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Develop excellent critical thinking skills.
  • Develop effective tools for research, organization and presentation.
  • Develop strategies to overcome fears of public speaking
  • Discover the confidence and desire to participate in all academic classes.

So what better way to develop these but to get into a debate with a school across miles in Pakistan to share our perspective on why this age of digital media is better than the age without digital media.

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    Mystery Skype
We also had a Skype with a school in Namibia, South Africa.  We gave each other clues to help us locate where we were from. We used our research skills to look through the world map to find out where our mystery friends were from.

Preparing questions/clues for the Mystery Skype

Using our research skills to locate the mystery country from the clues given

Finally meeting our mystery friends

Evaluating a website
We all know that the web provides access to some excellent information… and some which is out of date, unsupported or just wrong! How can you tell which are the good sites? We have been learning about what are the different things we need to keep in mind when we are on a website.

        Reflecting using the 3-2-1 Strategy

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Digital Footprint
Once we were aware of the different things we need to keep in mind while researching we moved on to understand what a digital footprint means.

                                           Jigsaw Sharing
To understand what it means we read different texts and looked at videos.  We wrote down what we learnt on stick notes


4-corner sticky note activity
We then came together and shared what we had learnt through the different texts and videos with our new group members. Using the 4 corner strategy we reflected on our learnign and as a group then came up with one definition of what a digital footprint means.

Digital Citizenship
We have been busy learning about how to be a responsible digital citizen. The different games in the digital passport from common sense media has helped us understand our responsibility while on the internet.

In literacy, we have been learning how to write an e mail. We wrote e mails to our friends and family to take Stanley for an adventure around their hometown. We are awaiting their responses.

In Math, we have been exploring the concept of division.

Music Assembly
We have been learning how to read musical notes. This assembly we presented the same through the Do Re Mi Fa.... song

We also showed our learning in French/Hindi/Spanish through a puppet show

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Unit 3 - How we Organise Ourselves

On our journey into the third Unit of Inquiry

Our third unit of  inquiry began with the curious third graders inquiring into the trandisciplinary theme - How we organise ourselves through the central idea  New digital media changes the way in which people access information and connect to each other.

Tuning in

We started our unit with a non-verbal morning. Students were asked to find ways to communicate with each other, other than spoken language.
They were given instructions using digital media - QR codes

The students task was to put together the pieces of puzzles that were randomly distributed amongst the groups.

Explaining what the word communication means to us

Trying to organise the different digital media

The next day the students watched the video and reflected on it through the I see I think I wonder strategy

Gallery walk through Chat stations
The students looked at the different picture provocations and shared their thoughts and views with their group members using their communication skills.

Chalk Talk
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Unfolding the Central idea
We unfolded the central idea adapting the growing definition thinking routine. We began by writing our own thoughts, then clubbed it with out partners then in fours and then finally as a class we came up with one central idea.

Finding Out

We began with a place mat activity where we wrote down what we thought about how, where and why is digital media used.

We used a 3 ringed Venn diagram to compare the different reasons we use digital media for.

We then took home an interview sheet where we asked our grandparents questions to more about their lives and means of doing things without digital media.

Using the data we got from the interviews we set out on finding out what 
* How life was before digital media
                      * How life was when digital media was introduced
                                          * How life is now

                                        We researched to find out more. 

We are using Powtoon to organise our information into an animated movie.

We looked at how we can use our emails to communicate faster with our teacher and friends.

We also looked at how to organise the drive by
    *naming the files /folders correctly 
* creating folders and sub folders
                                      * creating google docs and sharing with our team members

Setting up our emails account


We are learning about letter writing as a form of written communication. We learnt the way a letter is organised as per the audience of the letter

We started by reading the book - Flat Stanley and making our own Stanleys. 

Stay tuned to see how we use digital media to connect with other around the world with our Stanley's.

We read the Postman's letters and identified the features of a formal/informal letter

We compared the two written forms of communication - Letter/Email using the PMI strategy

We wrote to our friends to share with them exciting things about our class 


 We are learning the concept of multiplication

Our array city

Getting familiar with times tables through some games

Understanding how to multiply using expanded form