Sunday, 11 October 2015

Finding out

This week, we have taken on the roles of entomologists. We have taken on researching about creatures to understand and learn more about that.

We began the week by reflecting on what we saw at the Mahim Nature Park. 
To understand the habitats of insects better we thought of conducting an experiment. We took few materials -  newspaper, cloth, jute material, clear polythene, cardboard, black polythene and placed them in the school ground for a week. We decided to go back to look at it on Friday and see what we find.

We predicted what we thought would happen.
We took a poll to see what would be the favorite material. Used the data collected and put it together in a bar graph.

Our budding entomologists have been busy working hard on researching about the different creatures. Stay tuned!!

Observing labelled pictures of tiny creatures to understand the body parts.

We visited the lab to look at the cockroach, millipedes, snail, spider and house fly more closely under the microscope and magnifying glasses. Thank you Ms. Parvina for helping us out in the lab.
 We discovered that cockroaches have white blood.

Report writing

We looked at a report on a honey bee and other insects to understand the features of a report.

Understanding the importance of planning well so that we have all the information to write a good report.


The data we collected from the Mahim Nature Park, helped us learn about how we can represent data in a graphical from through graphs.

We calculated how many different kinds of butterflies we spotted there and made a bar graph to represent the same information.

All of us had spotted different number of butterflies. We represented this data through a pictogram.

Search Shark

As we are looking at developing our research skills through this unit, Search shark helped us understand how to choose effective key words for searching online. We practiced selecting keywords that are most relevant to a search prompt.

Click here to know more - The key to key word

Family tip sheet

Reading circles

During morning work time we have been working on making words through the game - Boggle.

We visited the NCPA auditorium for a music concert. It was fun to watch so many people playing at the same time and learning about the different instruments. Thank you Ms. Amanda and Mr. Pierlucca for arranging this fun trip.

At Edubridge we strongly believe that a positive parent - teacher relationship contributes a great deal to the child's success. A big thank you to you parents for taking time out to attend the PTSM and sharing this journey with us.

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