Sunday, 20 December 2015

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

This week we wrapped up our 3rd Unit of Inquiry. We began by comparing the Greek, Egyptian and the Indus valley civilizations with each other. We found many similarities between them.

To understand the implications of the ancient civilizations on the modern era we compared the past with the present.

We went on an imaginary tour to one of the civilizations and wrote our experience down in our diaries.

In Math, we wrapped our area and perimeter concept by making our name banners. First we used the square centimeter graph paper to write out our names. Next, we found out he area and perimeter of each letter and added those together to find the area and perimeter of our entire name.

We had a surprise clay modelling session. Truly enticing to see the mud mold into so many interesting things.

We had our last music assembly with Ms. Amanda.

We also grooved to some songs with Ms. Abigail.

A beautiful end to the week with our Christmas celebrations.    
 Thank you Grade 1 for that lovely performance.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Making conclusions

This week we finally wrapped up or projects on the civilizations.

Adding the final touches.....

Presenting to our classmates and answering questions to clear their doubts or inquiries.

Moving on we compared the three civilizations to see what were the connections between them, the changes or developments each went through.
Stay tuned to see what we end up discovering about them.

We completed our diary entry on the field trip to the museum.

In Math, we are learning about perimeter and area. We began by creating polygons with jodo straws. We measured and recorded the lengths, then drew the shapes and added up the sides to get the perimeter.

Following up, we used the geoboards to create shapes with different perimeters.

Measuring the perimeter of floor polygons, recording them in our Math notebooks with the diagram of the shape. 

Once we were confident with perimeter we moved to understanding about area.
We used math cubes to create closed shapes. This helped us understand the notion of 'square units' as we calculated the total number of blocks or area of our shapes.

Stay tuned to see how we apply our knowledge of perimeter and area next week!!

During reading groups this week, we continued with our literature circles.

We worked on our module of 'Search Shark' in Common Sense Media to strengthen our understanding of choosing effective words for searching online.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Going further

This week we have been busy thinking about how to organise and present the information we have been collecting over the past week. Each group has been a thinker and come up with different ideas for presenting about their civilization.

Enthusiasm was at its peek.Finished projects coming up soon!!!!!!

We continued to read the book - Diary of Tutankhamun. We wrote our very own first diary entry to talk about our field trip. 

In Math, we understood the properties of different 3D shapes.

We worked on our assessment of 2D and 3D shapes. We had to create a shape box where we had to cutout 2D shape of our choice an then build a 3D version of the same using any craft materials. It was challenging and made us reflect on the knowledge we had gained over the past few weeks.

During our reading circles, we continued to work with literature circles. We read a book and got assigned different jobs.