Sunday, 1 November 2015

Making conclusions

It is not enough to be busy. 
So are the ants.
The question is : What are we busy about?
 - Henry David Thoreau

We started the week by understanding the function of a non fictions book. We compared  fiction and a non fiction book and looked at how the structure of the book changes depending on the purpose it serves.

After learning about the non fiction book, we worked and put together the contents page, the glossary, index, summary, cover page, title etc for our very own non fiction book on tiny creatures. We named our book MINI BEASTS.

Some of us are so excited about our book , we decided to research about more creatures over the weekend and add more pages to our book.

We have been making connections between all the research and presentations we have been seeing. We reflected on how the tiny creatures are helpful to us. We reflected on what are some of the practices we follow that harm these creatures even tough they are so important and useful to us.

We decided to make leaflets to spread more awareness about our responsibilities towards the tiny creatures and the changes we need to make to share the planet with them fairly.

Our completed leaflets

Symmetry in insects

We started with understanding what is  line of symmetry. What is the function of a LOS.

Exploring symmetry in insects.

Guided reading time