Sunday, 4 October 2015

Tuning In - Sharing the Planet

This week we began our new Unit of Inquiry under the theme 'Sharing the Planet'.
 Our central idea is  We share the planet with many tiny creatures.

Tuning In

We began by sorting the pictures of animals into different categories. We discussed and reasoned why each one went where they said it should.

We brainstormed as to what will be our new UOI.

The next day we had a gallery walk. We began by walking around and observing all the different pictures placed on the tables. After observing them carefully we wrote down any thoughts/ questions/comments or facts we knew about these pictures.

We brainstormed a second time to see if our idea about our new UOI had changed. It indeed had!!!!

The following day we discussed the theme our unit was under. Based on the past two days activities we tried to identify which part of the definition will we be looking at through this UOI.

Finally we unfolded our main idea.

We had two surprise viistors in our classroom. Can you guess who came to vist us????

A slug
As responsible people we took the slug back and set it back in the bushes in the shade back to its habitat.

and a Cockroach!!!!

Our first field trip of the year!!!!

As part of the tuning in we went to the Mahim nature park to see what are the different insects we could find. What are the habitats they are found in .

Before we went on the trip, along with our friends from Skg we made our essential agreements for the field trip.

While we were there we maintained a tab on what were the different kinds of butterflies we spotted and how many through tally marks, Stay tuned to see what we do with the information collected at the Mahim Nature Park.

Post the field trip we reflected on what we had learnt there and noted down what had made our curious minds ticking!!

In Language, we looked at a report on a dog and tried to identify the features of a non chronological report. We compared it to persuasive writing to understand how different texts were written in different manners depending on the audience and the purpose.

Guided Reading time

Morning time we have been working on punctuation.

In Math, we have been working on our subtraction skills.

We worked with our Grade 2 buddies to celebrate the birthday of Gandhiji. We tied to relate to the preaching of Gandhiji with our learner profiles.

Making the three monkeys of Gandhiji to inspire us to be positive communicators, balanced listeners and smart thinkers.

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