Monday, 27 April 2015

Who we are!!

It's hard to believe we are nearing the end to the lovely journey of Inquiry in Grade 3.This week we began our last Unit on Inquiry under the theme Who We Are. Under this theme we are going to be inquiring into - The effective interactions between human body systems contribute to health and survival.

We began by filling in an outline of a human body with all the parts that we knew.

Next we were given outlines of internal organs and were asked to place them on a body outline. Take a peek at how we did.....

We followed this by looking at a diagram of internal organs to check to see if we were right.

The next day we ...
Ran around the playground
Ate a piece of fruit
Lifted a pile of heavy books.....

After each activity we filled in the Feel/Think/Wonder chart.

Our bodies are like coffee makers????

We looked at a coffee maker , the computer and an electric circuit. We found many ways to compare the human body to these objects and we ended up discussing the meaning of a system.

Post this we saw a video -

We tried to identify the different systems that are working together in our bodies.

Finally we unfolded our main idea. We looked up the words we didn't know and tried to explain what we thought the central idea means.

We have finally completed publishing our stories. Click below to listen to them.

The Bad Warewolf by Aditya Parikh

The Smart Goats by Laay Patel

This week we celebrated Earth Day. We saw a lovely video to make us think .......ARE WE DOING OUR BIT TO SAVE THE NATURE.......OUR MOTHER EARTH!!!

We decided to learn how to make recycled paper so that we could save the trees and Mother Earth.  Thank you Ms. Jessica for teaching us how to make recycled paper.

We decorated some cloth bags that we though we could take with us every time we went out so that we can reduce the use of plastic bags. Thank you Ms. Cecilia for giving us this great idea.

Finally the day of the annual day dawned. We had a blast putting up this show for all our lovely parents at EIS. Hope you enjoyed the EIS around the World with us as much as we enjoyed taking you.

Watch us dance in Mexico. Thank you Ms. Abigail for capturing this dance for us.