Saturday, 18 April 2015

Summative time.

This week had only four days but we still managed to do a lot. We began with presenting our PPT presentations on indigenous architecture. These presentations made us think about the different cultures, beliefs and how these had influenced the designs and structures around the world.

Finally it was time to end this unit. We began working on our summative assessment task. 

Out task was - Design a suitable house for a given context (environment)

Points to keep in mind:
  1. Select the place/area/country where your house will be built
  2. The climate of the place
  3. The materials you will use
  4. How will it be designed to have the least effect on the environment
  5. The design must include elements of the indigenous architecture of the place

In language, we continued working on our stories. We have completed editing our stories and now are in the process of making our final books. Stay tuned to read the stories of the two budding authors Aditya and Laay.

With just few days to go for the annual day, we have been putting in a lot of practice to put up an entertaining show for the parents.

Working on the backdrop.....