Saturday, 2 May 2015

Body systems and how they work!!

This week have began by looking at the different systems in our body. We looked at the digestive system and understood the process the food goes through from the time it goes into our mouth till the time it comes out as poop.

We researched about another one of the complex systems found in our body - The Skeletal system.
We looked through books and internet to find out more about the system.

Keeping our promise of recycling and reducing waste, we set out  to make our skeletal system of recycled paper.

 Step 1: We made the pulp from recycled paper.

Step 2: We added fevicol and mixed it up to make our pulp more sticky.

Step 3: We started molding our skeleton system .........bone by bone.

Step 4: Kept it out in the sun to dry 

Step 5: Painted our skeleton white

Our skeletal system was ready!!!!

We invited our Grade 2 friends to present to them what we had learnt about the skeletal system . 

We explained about how joints work too!!!!

In Math, we have been working on how to measure time, We began with looking at the different tools people use to measure or keep time.

We made our own analogue clock in the class and used it to learn how to tell time.

Using our understanding we took up a project of  noting the time on the clock at different times during the day. We matched up the digital time on our computer to the analogue time.

Stay tuned to see how we use our understanding of measuring time to understand our human body better!