Sunday, 12 April 2015

Indigenous Architecture

Back from the spring break all fresh and ready to take the unit further we started with looking up the dictionary for the meaning of the words 'indigenous' and 'architecture'.

Post this we tried to connect the same with our UOI and understand what we were going to explore under this line of inquiry. We divided ourselves in groups and set out with researching about the indigenous architecture in Greece, China and India. 

Stay tuned for our presentations next week.

In Language, we have began our journey on becoming budding authors. All stories have elements that determine the structure. We took time to plan each element through story map to build a strong foundation for the structure of our story. We have planned our characters, setting and the plot. Soon the story will be ready to publish. 

Inspired from -

In Math, we started with understanding temperature. We compared the temperature of hot and cold water. We measured the same using a thermometer. Comparing the ruler and thermometer was fun.

We then moved on to explore the concept of capacity. We took different containers and tried to estimate how much water each could hold and then checked our answers using the measuring jar.