Thursday, 26 March 2015

Impact of buildings and structures on the environment

This week we have been busy analyzing the impact of buildings and structures on the environment. We did this using De bono's six thinking hats.

Post understanding the role of each hat we applied them and came up with these questions -

Using the questions to guide our thinking....

We enjoyed sharing our projects with Grade 2 .  

We had a Skype interview with Mr. Patel who helped us understand that the key to a strong structure is in laying an extremely strong foundation. Thank you Grade 2 and Ms. Siya for inviting us to this interview.

The job of the masons is not as simple as it looks is something we discovered when we tried to build our own wall. Thank you Ms. Siya for organizing this activity for us. We truly enjoyed it.

In Language, we have been looking at the beginning, middle and end in stories.

In Math, we continued to work on the concept of weight. We tried to find out how much each cube weighed using the pan balance.

Enjoy the spring break!!!!!!

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