Sunday, 1 May 2016

Where does the food come from?

Our week began with a trip to the food hall. We went around the mall and made noted of the different places our food comes from. We noticed that the food was from all over the world and not just from Mumbai.

We came back and shared our findings with our friends. We decided to map out the places our food came from.

Preparing the map

Locating and mapping the places

We watched a video to understand that there are several steps that food gores through before it reaches us.

Learning about the  same through games online

We brainstormed different raw materials and food products

We divided ourselves in groups to research the process  - Raw material to final product. 
Stay tuned to see what we do next.

To understand field to table we followed instructions on how to grow coriander. We planted our own coriander plant. 

Watering it daily and caring to it to watch our coriander grow from seed to plant.

Trying to put the jumbled up instructions on how to make jelly in the right order.

In Math, we have been exploring the concept of weight. We began with inquiring into the question - How good are our senses in comparing the weight of objects.

We used the pan balance to see if our estimations using our senses were accurate.

We tried our hands at building our own balances by following instructions.

Working with some sums on weight

We have been working on understanding the importance of giving due credit when using other peoples work through the common sense media. 

Working on our missions to complete our digital passports

Our class seems to be growing quickly. We had another friend join us this week. Welcome to our team Ahan!!!