Sunday, 24 April 2016

Two short weeks

With two short weeks we had no time to waste. We finally finished putting our scripts/puppets and settings together and reached the final phase of our summative task .

Practicing before the final performance

The final performances

In Language, we are learning about Instructional writing. To begin with, we were given strips of words and were asked to make sense of it.

We finally figured it out and realized they were instructions of a game. From that we made a list of all the key features of Instructional writing.

Working on putting together our very own word mats for instructional writing.

We watched the video  - 

This story inspired us to write the recipe for making pancakes as a class. 

This story also got us onto a discussion where we discussed  about the different materials needed and where did they come from.
The discussion went on further and we brainstormed things that it reminded us of.
This made us think of what our new UOI would be about???

We moved on with trying to write instructions for making a magnetic fish game.
Tuning in to our last unit of the year - How we organise ourselves
To understand the importance of good organisation we took on the task of organizing our class tables into two clutters in a V shape. the criteria was that no one should be facing his/her back to the board.

Finally we decided that we needed to change our strategy and we settled for 3 clusters.

Talk the picture
We went on a gallery walk and wrote down our comments, questions, ideas and thoughts for the different pictures , questions and provocations set out for us

Time for a small treasure hunt. 

We realised they were raw materials and finished products.

Unfolding the central idea

Stay tuned as we unfold the inquiry further.

In Math, we worked on our fraction do decahedron as our summative task.

To understand capacity better we experimented with different containers. We estimated how many spoons or scoops would be needed to fill the larger containers and then actually tried it out to see how correct our estimations were.

Working with the concept of capacity

Fun stations

This week, we were invited to the Grade 5 classroom to see their summative task. Thank you ms. Cecilia and Grade 5 for sharing your learning with us.

We celebrated Earth day to end the week. We pledged a nunber of ways how we would contribute to make the Earth a better place.

Welcome Vivaan
This week we had a new friend come in and join us in our learning journey.

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