Sunday, 8 May 2016

What is the system that gets food from farm to table?

This week we have been looking at the big idea of the farm to table system.
We learnt that the system is made of interacting parts that create the "whole." Transporting, processing, and packaging are subsystems of the larger food system.

Researching to find out the process different product go through from raw material to finished goods

Presenting our finding to the class in the form of a flow chart

Stay tuned to see how we take our inquiry further .....

Working on writing instructions on how to make strawberry jelly.

We worked on modifying the game of snakes and ladders to include the concept of multiplication and division in it.
Writing the instructions for our modified game of snakes and ladders.

In Math, this week we had to face the 10-10-10-10 challenge. We tried to create an interesting object with four different materials weighing exactly the same weight.
Trying different permutations and combinations to get it just right.Some of us succeeded .... while some of us are still trying.

We also began learning about money. We began with exchanging things with each other. Soon we  realized that the exchange was  unfair and didn't have things that we wanted in exchange for.  This helped us to understand why the barter system was redundant and the need to develop other systems of exchange.

We went on to research about the items used as money in the past and discussed why they were not used now. This discussion led us to see why the system of money was invented.

Isha and Sadaf brought their pets from home and taught our little friends from play group and nursery about how to take care of pets

As part of our instructional writing, we made small tokens for our moms to express what we felt for them.

Making a folding candy stick card

Putting together a booklet of 52 reasons why we love our moms!!

Our moms reactions to our gifts :-)

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