Sunday, 17 January 2016

Welcoming 2016 by understanding how the world works!!

We started the new year by setting a resolution for ourselves for the upcoming year

We set out to understand how the world works in complete darkness

Through our 4th Unit of Inquiry we set out to inquire into - How light creates shadows and reflections

Tuning in

Day 1:We began by experiencing about how helpless we are without light

Brainstorming about what are the different sources of light

Sorting these ideas into natural and man made sources of light

Day 2:  Something from home - We brought things from back home that are sources of light.

Exploring shadows

Thinking deeper to find out what we already knew about shadows

Day 3: Unfolding the main idea
We tried to make sense of the cut up central idea and put them in a sentence that made sense to us

Making our silhouettes

Learning the steps for conducting an experiment and learning terms like aim. hypothesis, method,   conclusion, materials etc

Understanding  transparent, translucent and opaque objects through exploration.

Experimenting with mixing colored light to understand the white color of light

 In language we are learning about poetry. We began by reading different kinds of poems and identifying the key features of poetry.

Using the acrostic poem on Shadow by Elaine Magliaro we learnt tools like about alliteration and rhyme in poems

Inspired by this poem we wrote an acrostic poem on ourselves - Grade 3

Our individual name acrostic poems on our silhouettes.

As part of our journey as budding poets , we have made our own poem book. This book will help us keep together all the tools that we learn,  that help  make a good poem and our very own poem collection.

We learnt the steps a good poet goes through to write an interesting poem. 

Take a peek into a couple of our rhyming poems  we wrote using the writing process.-

Stay tuned for more.....

Budding poets sharing their poems with our friends.

Learning about another tool in poetry - Simile

Coming soon ..................our very own poem cafe!!!

In Math, we have been sharpening our multiplication skills. Learning out times tables till 12 by the end of January is the aim we have set out together as a class and see if we can become stars at multiplying.
Stars at multiplying

B.U.I.L.D. time

What better way to start the new year than with some fun and games. The 3rd Annual sports day of EIS.

Watch the rocking dance performance by grades 2 and 3 as part of the opening ceremony-

Our yoga performance

Fun time at the stations

On your marks get set go......