Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Finding out

Last week we have been busy experimenting to find out more about light and shadows.

Experiment 1-Experimenting to find out the strength of the sun's rays.

Experiment 2 - Exploring rainbow reflections

Experiment 3 - How shadows change

Experiment 4 - Does light travel in a straight line?

We put down our predictions, observations and conclusions in an experiment sheet.

Reflecting back on our learning's from the previous unit on Civilizations, we took on to inquiring into how appropriate was the sun clock used by the Egyptians. We made our own sun dials and went out every hour to see where the shadow fell. 

Of course like all good scientists we made our predictions first about where we thought the shadow would fall.

Moving on from sun dials, we made our own clocks. We learn how to read time to the hour, half hour and to the nearest minute.

In poetry, we continued to create and share our poems.

We learnt a new tool - Onomatopoeia in poems. We began with a story of Dr Seuss - 

We tried to include this new sound tool into our poems to make them more interesting.

Working on getting our poem cafe ready!!!

In ICT, we worked on our digital passports. we looked at the unit - Twalkers.
In Twalkers, students learn why it's important to avoid multitasking with a cell phone. They consider the benefits of focusing on one task at a time.
During our assembly , Grade 5 taught us some interesting things about 2D shapes. Than you Ms. Cecilia and Grade 5 it was a very interesting assembly.

We also had the smallest members of our school visit our class to share how important it is to include carrots in our meal. Thank you play group and Ms, Deepa for the lovely song.