Sunday, 20 December 2015

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

This week we wrapped up our 3rd Unit of Inquiry. We began by comparing the Greek, Egyptian and the Indus valley civilizations with each other. We found many similarities between them.

To understand the implications of the ancient civilizations on the modern era we compared the past with the present.

We went on an imaginary tour to one of the civilizations and wrote our experience down in our diaries.

In Math, we wrapped our area and perimeter concept by making our name banners. First we used the square centimeter graph paper to write out our names. Next, we found out he area and perimeter of each letter and added those together to find the area and perimeter of our entire name.

We had a surprise clay modelling session. Truly enticing to see the mud mold into so many interesting things.

We had our last music assembly with Ms. Amanda.

We also grooved to some songs with Ms. Abigail.

A beautiful end to the week with our Christmas celebrations.    
 Thank you Grade 1 for that lovely performance.

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