Friday, 11 December 2015

Making conclusions

This week we finally wrapped up or projects on the civilizations.

Adding the final touches.....

Presenting to our classmates and answering questions to clear their doubts or inquiries.

Moving on we compared the three civilizations to see what were the connections between them, the changes or developments each went through.
Stay tuned to see what we end up discovering about them.

We completed our diary entry on the field trip to the museum.

In Math, we are learning about perimeter and area. We began by creating polygons with jodo straws. We measured and recorded the lengths, then drew the shapes and added up the sides to get the perimeter.

Following up, we used the geoboards to create shapes with different perimeters.

Measuring the perimeter of floor polygons, recording them in our Math notebooks with the diagram of the shape. 

Once we were confident with perimeter we moved to understanding about area.
We used math cubes to create closed shapes. This helped us understand the notion of 'square units' as we calculated the total number of blocks or area of our shapes.

Stay tuned to see how we apply our knowledge of perimeter and area next week!!

During reading groups this week, we continued with our literature circles.

We worked on our module of 'Search Shark' in Common Sense Media to strengthen our understanding of choosing effective words for searching online.