Sunday, 22 November 2015

Happy Children's day!!!

Back with a  bang!!!

Tuning in - Where we are in Place and Time

We began our inquiry into our 3rd UOI by looking at different books to see if we found anything that we had seen before or had visited. We shared with our friends the different familiar things that we spotted in the books.

Sorting pictures into different categories made us realize that some of the practices we have in present times existed in the olden days too.

Brainstorming  and sharing our views on 
We know something is ancient is .....

People in the past lived.....

Civilization means....

Unfolding the central idea......

Moving from near to far.....

To understand what a civilization means we worked from where we live countries/ continents....

Identifying the key elements for this UOI

We watched a video on  - History of  civilization through which we understood the characteristics that make up a civilization.

We began reading - the dairy of the lost Tutankhamen mummy.
Stay tuned to know more about the mysteries of the ancient world as we unwind them in Grade 3.

As this unit is all about looking at information available from the past and what we can learn about the olden days,  in ICT  we are learning about what information is appropriate to share ad when . We also learnt that nothing is really private and once put online ....remains there somewhere.

To know more about how you can help your child click on - Family tips

In Math , we are going to be learning about shapes over the next few weeks. We began by going on a shape hunt and clicking picture of 2D and 3D things we found  around the school.

We then came back and uploaded our pictures to Voicethread and shared why we thought the shape was 2D or 3D.

Click here to know what we think - Jainam, Isha, Meeshaa

Dhyey and Prisha

Swaraj, Sadaf and Drishti

We understood what are polygons.

Learning the names and properties of basic 2D shapes.

Using 2D shapes to create something.

We visited the Grade 5 classroom to learn more about migration. What makes people migrate - is it risk, opportunity or challenge ? Thank you Ms. Cecilia and Grade 5 , it was a wonderful learning opportunity.

Congratulations to Meeshaa for bagging the budding speller certificate. Well done!!

21 oh November is celebrated as Universal Children's day. We took this opportunity to organize a small celebration for our students. Thank you to all the teachers and friends from Grades 1 - 5 for making this day so special and celebrating children. May the child within us always remain alive.

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