Friday, 18 April 2014

Good bye conflicts!!!

         "Conflict cannot survive without your participation."

                                                                                                                Wayne Dyer

Grade 3 has been busy scripting, enacting, directing, recording and editing their video on 'The Ball Fight.' 

This was their culminating task to display their learning from the unit. It was a challenging task but we managed to get through without any conflicts.

Presenting the debutante's - NNRSJ ......

                                                               THE BALL FIGHT

This week in Math, we began learning about currencies and the timeline of money.

We began by exchanging storybooks with each other and realised that at some point no one wanted to exchange a particular book. By this activity we understood why barter system became redundant and there was a need to develop other systems of exchange.

 We also explored coins from the times of British rule.Thank you, Ms. Disha for letting us explore your collection of coins.

A small glimpse into how much we enjoyed exploring the coins...

We moved on to the existing mode of exchange. We looked at the features of currency notes from various countries and compared it with Indian currency. Thank you JB sir, Ramon Sir, Ms. Nerisha, Ms. Lalita and Ms. Saloni for lending us the currencies of different places.

Comparing the currencies using a Venn diagram.

This week Grade 5 had invited the students from grades 1 - 4 for a Fantastic Math game as part of their summative assessment. They had planned, designed, organised and executed the game all by themselves under the guidance of Ms. Cecilia.
Well done Grade 5 ! Thank you for inviting us, it was a lot of fun!!!!!