Saturday, 26 April 2014

Beginning of the end !!!

This week we began with our last unit of inquiry in Grade 3! We are going to learn about our complex human body. In this unit, students will get an opportunity to learn about the human body and how the various systems in the body are interconnected.

 The expected learning outcomes:

  •        to develop an understanding of how different organs in the body function
  •      to understand how different organs in the body interact with each other
  •      to comprehend how exercise and our food affect our lifestyle

      During this unit we will be doing a lot of research work to find out about our mystical human body. 
 We began with trying to figure out how our human skeleton looks. The students were given a bag of cut outs and were asked to create something with it. Take a look at how they finally figured it out........

Post this, we moved on to the internal organs that are found inside our body. We tried to figure out what was what and where is it found within our body.

We had Ramon sir come to class to help us unfold the central idea and show us how physical exercises are connected to the well being of the human body.

We explored different books on the human body and read some interesting facts.

Stay tuned for our human body systems projects.    

     In Math, we continued to explore addition and subtraction with money. We were toooooo excited to go shopping and buying things from different shops.

The highlight of the week was to have our friend Jason join us in class through Skype. It was wonderful to have him with us even though he is in Thailand. 

                                                             We miss you J......NNRS.


  1. Its nice to see them banging their heads together to figure out the final shape of the skeleton. Team work!

    1. Yes, it was truly a pleasure to watch them figure out the skeleton. So many tips.....discussions..... and more tips.......arguments......shuffling.......modelling.......changes...... ogling.....comparisons...........and of course the giggles. It was magical!

  2. Love the collaboration and creativity in the class! Thanks to Ramon, we value his input!