Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Forms of body systems

 In this short week of 3 days we have been superrrrrr busy and excited! As they say....'Good things come in small packages", we started the week with our very own school e mail id's. Thank you Mick sir for creating our id's on the Edubridge domain.

We began working on researching about our assigned body system. 

We put our creative thinking caps on and began our journey into the complex human body. It was fun to recreate the systems using scrap materials.

Stay tuned as we will be soon presenting our understanding of how the different system works.

This week we put up an assembly on conflict resolution. We invited our PYP friends to share with them some of the things we had learnt about conflict resolution. Everyone enjoyed watching the ball fight movie we had put together. We felt so proud of ourselves.

As part of the action of our conflict unit, the students came up with the idea of giving a friendly 5 poster to each class post the assembly so that they can remember the steps to use to resolve a conflict.

Our first independent action post a unit!!!!!!!