Friday, 7 March 2014

Sharing the Planet

This week we started out new unit under the theme -  Sharing the Planet.  We expressed our understanding of the theme by creating a picture that represented our understanding.

We began with thinking of situations that make us angry and how we react in our anger.

We then brainstormed about what we thought a conflict is and what are the different reasons that give rise to conflicts.

We took a step further and associated conflict with a color we thought it best represented.

Unfolding the central idea - Reaching a resolution during periods or moments of conflict is influenced by the actions and reactions of all involved.

In Math, we are learning about reading time on the analogue clock to the nearest minute.

During fun Math, we worked on our multiplication skills. We made our own multiplication number charts and played different brain teasers to test our  multiplication skills.

Trying to get 5 in a row

Multiplication brainteasers

Making our own multiplication grid

Competing with time to complete the  multiplication grid.

So proud of my students. Some of us achieved the goal we set out last week of reading 10 books by Dr Seuss. Those of us who didn't achieve the goal .... are striving to get there.

Some of us went further and got so inspired by Dr Seuss that we took action on our learning. 

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