Saturday, 29 March 2014

Finding out

 Post the spring break, we continued with our journey of  inquiry into conflict and resolution. We began by sharing our holiday conflict journal. Some of us had just one entry in our journal as we had managed not to have any conflict at home during the holidays. Bravo!!!

We played a small game to feel how it feels when people are involved in a conflict.

Post the game we understood how angry ...frustrated....agitated we felt while we were pushing against each other. As soon as they stopped pushing they felt relieved....happy and relaxed.

We watched the story of Seven blind mice to understand perspective.

We learnt that people see things differently. It depends on your age, your experiences whether you are sick, happy or sad, who you hang out with etc.To further understand that there is no right or wrong on how people see things we looked at optical illusions.

We concluded, that to reach an understanding we must understand that different people see things differently.
After reaching this understanding we reflected on our holiday journals and tried to think of the conflicts from the perceptive of the other person involved .


We role played different situations to see and understand different perspectives in a conflict. Here is a glimpse of one -

We used the bus stop strategy and went around different stations to write/draw what we thought the words:
- Communicate
- Negotiate
- Mediate
- Arbitrate and 
- Litigate meant

We learnt that these are strategies to resolve conflicts.

We have started working on building a conflict corner for our class. This corner will remind us of all the strategies and  steps we should take when in a conflict.
Stay tuned!!!!

During fun Math time, we explored the concept of time through different activities.