Thursday, 27 February 2014

Mathastic Fantatstic .....Dr Seuss week

Finally, it was time to put all the hard work of last week to test. Mathastic was a great great success.

Get a  sneak peek into the Mathastic -

This week we celebrated Dr Seuss week.  Events like these encourage children to enjoy new authors and books. As part of the celebration, we read books written by Dr Seuss, researched about him, watched a movie based on one of his books - The Lorax, we painted and created a display and went around taking a survey asking what would they do if they had duck feet. QUACK  >> QUACK 


 Painting the glass window to make our class display of Dr Seuss.

We had the Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 and Thing 2 visit us....

Thank you Ms. Cecilia, Ms. Disha and Ms. Jessica for arranging these surprise guests. We truly enjoyed it.

Inspired by some of Dr Suess quotes, Grade 3 has set a goal -----

" The goal of grade 3 to read whenever they are free......


  1. Those duck feet were a big fun for all of us at home! And yes, how can I forget 10 books of Dr. Seuss. She is having fun!