Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Summative time

We were given the task of taking the information we had collected and present in the form of a radio announcement. We heard different radio announcements to understand what  are the different things that go into making an effective radio announcement. 

We worked together to formulate the radio announcement and then set out to record them using the online voice recorder

Action time!!!

We set out and played one radio announcement we had created everyday on our school PA system to create awareness for the need to save water. Through our radio announcements we also gave simple  tips to the school community on how to save water.

Summative time

For our summative time we were given the task of creating a presentation for different audiences in the school. We had to educate them about the need for conserving water. Along with that we also had to persuade them to use the simple tips in order to save water.

Presentation time

Audience 1 : Parents

Audience 2: House keeping staff and class didi's

Audience 3 : Management staff

Audience 4 : PYP students

In Language,  we completed our persuasive write up to convince our parents to buy us unique pets.

To wrap up the persuasive writing , on the basis of our surveys done earlier we  had to suggest ways of how they could contribute towards water conservation and persuade our parents to make changes at home.

In Math,  we continued to collect data and graph the results of our findings.
We went around the school to collect data to find out what everyone did with the water that is left int hero bottles at the end of the day. We collectively then made a bar and pictograph to show the data.

We played scoot to practice place value and addition

We continued to work on addition and subtraction