Sunday, 10 September 2017

Going Further

Here is a peek into our presentations on the water cycle -

PPT presentation on water cycle by group 1 

Animation on water cycle by group 2 

Diorama on water cycle by group 3 

Poster on water cycle by group 4 

Explaining the live models we made - 

Digging deeper ...........How does the water get to our faucets??

We began by inquiring about the water bodies found in Mumbai
Tracing the map of Mumbai and marking out the different water bodies that supply water to us.

We read the book  - The Magic School bus at the waterworks.
This helped us understand the movement of water  from evaporation to the faucet.

We further watched a video to understand the water purification process.

We were presented with a challenge of creating our own water filters to clean water. 
We were given the following materials

We set out on experimenting and making our filters

Here is a peak into our final products - 

Post the experiment we reflected on the whole process.

As part of our assessment we had to create a flow chart to show how the water gets to our faucet

We then played a game of water watchers. This helped us understand the different ways people waster water and how simply we can save water

We had a Guest speaker - Ms. Sukrtiti from Academy of Earth Sustainability. to speak to us about  importance of conserving water and  ways we can do it.

Reflecting on what we learnt

Inspired from what Ms. Sukriti taught us we set out to research on finding ways we can conserve water in different areas in our community

Stay tuned to know how we present our research findings.......

In Language, we published our final drafts of our reviews we had been working on.

We continued on our journey of opinion writing by reading the book

We read another book - 
Stay tuned to know what we want to keep as pets.

In Math, we have been looking at reading and creating graphs.

We began by brainstorming the different ways living things use water.  We used this information to create a bar graph.

We went around to our neighbors and collected data - How many bottles of bottled water does each family consume in a week . We took that data and created a bar graph from the same.

                         We have also been working at honing our addition and subtraction skills.

We put up our first PYP Music assembly. Thank you Ms. Sara, Mr. Ronnie and Mr. Madhav for the melodious 40 minutes.

Our class singing a song related to our Unit of Inquiry

 We also reflected on our own assembly on learner profile . We wrote down how we would display the learner profile in our classroom.

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