Monday, 12 September 2016

Going further

We continued our inquiry into our UOI, by inquiring into the different reasons conflicts arise.
To understand that different ideas and perspectives reflect beliefs and values we invited a few guest speakers to our class.

We brought things from home that represented the beliefs we have

To understand what the different values mean we played a game - Find your partner. We had to try and match the value we had to what it meant bu going around and reading the descriptions on our friends backs.

We gathered back and reflected if we had found the right matches.

Once we understood the different values and how one displays them we created our own value shields  

Every coin has two sides

An  out of the box thinking activity helped us understand perspective in a fun and creative way

10% of conflicts is due to difference of opinion and 90%  is due to wrong tone of voice
(Source unknown)

To further understand the different reasons of conflict we picked looked into different stories. 
  We worked in groups and.....
        - identified the conflicted in them  
- the reason the conflict arose
                   - possible solutions to resolve the conflict

Silent Sutained Reading

Our class word wall
Learning new words is a goal we are working towards in our classroom. The word wall is helping us keep track of the words we are learning.

Writing workshops
We began our writing journey with the story - The best story by Eileen Spinelli.
The story helped us understand that the best stories are the ones that are written about things that are important to us.

Things I can write about
Brainstorming things that I can write about... for the times when we get stuck on ideas about what to write

We moved on to understanding the different stages of a writing process

Personal narratives
We heard the story 'The Leaving morning' by Angela Johnson. We learnt that one way to write a really good personal narrative is to think about times in our lives when we felt a very strong

Small moments
Looking back on the same story we learnt how to narrow down our topics and write about small important moments in our lives (inspired from pinterest)

Planning our narratives
We moved on to plan out that small moment that we felt very strongly about emotionally

Writing  a strong beginning
Moving on to the next stage of the writing process, we began out first drafts.
We re-read the leaving morning and focused on understanding how the writer had hooked the reader from the beginning. We explored a few ways to write some engaging beginnings.

Using time words
We learnt how time words can help connect our beginning middle and end and they help the reader understand exactly when things happen in the story.

Describing actions step by step
We are learning how to add details by describing step by step action of the characters in our story
Stay tuned to know more about our writers' journey......

Place Value
The story of Zero showed us how adding a zero can change the value of a number

Exploring the values of different numbers through manipulative

Exploring adding and subtracting multiples of 10's

Place value poster project
We worked on our place value assessment by creating a poster (inspired from pinterest) that helped us show our understanding of the concepts we have been exploring. It was challenging and fun!

Learning through technology
Khan Academy
We set up our account on Khan academy. We began with watching videos to help us understand place value better. We took up different mission and assignments to master the different pre math skills.

Class Dojo
Dojo helps us build a more positive classroom community. It puts on us the responsibility of making the right choice. It makes us STOP , THINK and make the RIGHT CHOICE.

Seesaw - Our Learning Journal
This year we are working on creating our digital portfolio. We have chosen to the same through Seesaw.

To understand what a journal is we brainstormed things could be added to a journal

Once we were clearer what a learning journal means we got busy setting up our accounts. learning to sign in, putting up our first post.

Assembly time
We have been enjoying and learning a lot from our assemblies every Wednesday.  

Our friends from Grade 4 shared their learning with us through a treasure hunt. They showed us how explorers set out on their journey to discover new places.

Our friends from Grade 1 showed us how we can make healthy choices to lead a fitter and better life.

Our first class assembly of the year
Along with our friends from Grade 2, we put together an assembly on the theme of perspectives. We shared what a conflict means and how we can resolve them. Through the think out of the box activity we encouraged our friends to think differently . This is turn showed them how the same thing can be though of in so many different perspectives.