Thursday, 18 August 2016

Our new academic year begins......

Welcome to the new academic year 2016-17. We are very excited and roaring with energy to know our new class systems. We are looking forward to learn, grow and explore new things in Grade 3 with our friends.

Getting to know games
The first week we played some games to get to know each other better

Looking back on our Summer
We reflected on a few special moments of our summer holidays

Essential agreements 
Every year we start our year by creating our 'essential agreements". In the classroom, it means that, rather than the teacher imposing rules everyone works collaboratively to come up with an agreement of how the class will function. We came up with our list of agreements too. 
We went on to create memes to display our agreements. We started looking for pictures that would represent what we had in mind......though of captions to go with the pictures and finally put them together to create our essential agreements memes.

We learnt how to print a document

Collected our prints and then set to work on creating our bulletin board.

Number line
Through the exercise of creating a number line we reviewed odd and even numbers, counting by 5's and 10's

B.U.I.L.D. time
We have our BUILD time to work on our math concepts.

Addition Strategy Mat
We have been working on learning different strategies that will help us to calculate faster and more effectively.

Silent Reading time

Word work 
 We brainstormed different question words and exclamatory words

Learning to use the dictionary

 Stretch -a- sentence

We have been working on learning how to add details to a sentence.

Who we are
We began our first Unit of inquiry under the theme - Who we are. 

Tuning in ....

The new unit began with us watching the story - The Zax by Dr Seuss. We got into pairs and came up with how the problem of the Zax could be solved.

Graffiti board
We walked around the class and wrote our views about the different statements written on the sheets.

Problems arise because….

I get angry when……

When my feelings are hurt I …...

We know we have done something wrong when……

The students sorted a mix of words into groups as per their opinion

We explored what feelings do different colors bring out in us

We explored different feelings that we all feel. We noticed that in a given situation many of us felt different things.

Think out of the box
We looked at the same shape and made what it appeared to us as

Team building game
We played team building games to understand how communication is extremely important for a group to be successful

Visual representation
We drew about one relationship we valued, one responsibility we shared, favorite festival and what helps us become better persons. Through this activity we unfolded the theme who we are.

Assembly time
Our first assembly of this year was full of fun and frolic. We played games at different stations and mingled with old and new friends, getting to know each other.

Our friends from Grade 5 shared with us what they had been doing over the past few days in their classroom. Thank you Mr. Gregory and Grade 5 for the lovely assembly.