Sunday, 6 March 2016

Happy Birthday Dr Seuss!!

This week we celebrated Dr Seuss's birthday. We put up puppet shows to present stories written by him.
We began with a puppet show. The puppeteers told us about who Dr Seuss was.

Reading other books by Dr Seuss.

Identifying the middle, beginning and end of the stories

Learning how to turn a story into a play script

Working on making the play scripts of the stories we read

Creating the settings and paper bag puppets of the characters in the stories for the puppet show

Practicing for "The performance"

Light...... camera ........ action 

We assessed our peers on their performances

Ms. Julie and Ms. Kinjal put up a  puppet show to explain to us the benefits of choosing healthy food over junk food.
Thank you Ms. Julie and Ms, Kinjal, Ir was very entertaining and informative.

In Math, we have been learning about mixed fractions.

This week in the assembly our little friends from JKG and nursery taught us the importance of being together.
                                                     We did some team building activities

Happy birthday Dr Seuss!!

Reflecting on our thoughts before the trip next week

Stay tuned for the updates on our trip next week!!!