Sunday, 28 February 2016

Going further

We began the week by looking at the box puppets we created to identity the details we had added to make the box come alive as the character we wanted it to look like.

                                                 Exploring expression through our bodies.

Trying our hands at exploring making the puppets come alive through our voice modulation and movements.

Working with our partners on a short script. 

Our friends had to identify what feeling were we trying to show through the performance.

We experimented at story telling using puppets.

A sneak peek into two of our performances.

A surprise performance by the girls - Naira, Isha, Meeshaa and Drishti.

This week we learnt how to make marionette puppets. 

As we have been focusing on expression and feelings, in Language we looked at character traits.
inspired from

We played charades to enact different character traits 

Using - to make our character traits wordle.

Our character trait wordles


We looked at what characters say and do to show their traits.

Beginning, middle and end in stories kept us hooked too.

In Math, we have been learning about fractions. We looked at a cartoon (another form of expression) and thought about what we could learn from it.
Exploring simple fractions

As this unit is all about being creative, we thought of bringing it into our Math lessons too. We designed our fraction pizzas and identified the fractions of toppings on each.

In Art, We have been learning about weaving in our art class. We had the freedom to cut our warp and weft strips however we wanted to and could use whatever color we desired. We quite grasped the concept of alternating layers and enjoyed pulling the paper through the slots. Just wanted to share some of our amazing pieces.