Sunday, 9 August 2015

Welcome 2015-16

A warm welcome to all the parents to the Grade 3 classroom. Hope you had a great summer break.
Even though it was a short week of 3 days, the enthusiasm of the nine  newcomers was contagious. 

 We began the year by playing some games to break the ice.

We went on a scavenger hunt to familiarize ourselves with the school and meet the new teachers that we will be interacting with through the year.Thank you Mathew Sir for organizing such a fun activity for us.

We reflected on our summer break and shared all the lovely memories we had gathered through the two months of holidays.

We put on our thinking caps and set out to set some goals for ourselves for the year.

Have you filled your bucket??

We saw a story  - How full is your bucket 
This story set our minds thinking of how we can be good classmates and friends. 

We brainstormed and shared what actions and words can help fill the invisible buckets and what we should avoid so that we don't empty anyone's bucket.