Saturday, 29 August 2015

Persuasive writing

Taking our inquiry further, we looked at pictures that could be seen with more that one perspective. Through this activity we understood that each situation or thing can have more than one side. 

The book - True story of the three little pigs made us see how what is seen may not always be true. It made us wonder......Could the wolf''s version be true?????? Is he really the big bad wolf???
We brainstormed to see  what we thought a conflict means and then enacted the same. Through our role play we were trying to explain that a conflict is when two or more people are in disagreement about something.

Take a peek  - 

To make our writing more interesting, we have been looking at how to write Super sentences. We have been trying to write sentences that have more details and are more interesting to read.

We played a verb relay to reinforce what are action words. Thank you Matt Sir and Grade 2 for organizing such a fun and interesting game. 

Along with that we continued to work on persuasive writing. We read the story , Hey Little Ant and all of us had different opinions about what should happen at the end. We tried to persuade the others of our viewpoint.

We have also been working on writing a letter to persuade our parents to buy us an unusual animal as a pet. Stay tuned to know which one of us want which animal as a pet!!

In Math, we have been working on strengthening our understanding of place value further. 

We were introduced to the Math centers - 

B- Buddy games
          U- Using manipulative
        I - Independent work
                    L - Learning about numbers
D - Doing Math

During our assembly this week we shared our posters of the essential agreements of the different areas in school. 

This week was super special.  Happy Birthday Jainam!!
Next week, we are busy going to be doing some goal settings to motivate ourselves to become better versions of our own selves and lots more!!!!