Saturday, 22 November 2014

How we organise ourselves

We began our week with a team game. We were given a ring tied with four strings. Our team of 4 had to carry the ball on the ring from one end of the ground to the other end.

Phew! It is not as easy as it sounds.....
Take a look at how we fared....

Post the game, we came back to class and reflected on our performance. We penned our thoughts down and then shared our thoughts with our friends. Together we identified the key words that helped us achieve our tasks successfully.

The story of the hare and the tortoise has a lot to teach us. 

This is what we took away from the story....

The next day, when we entered class and found these disassembled things on our tables, our curious minds set to work to put them together. We soon realized that they are not working as they should. The torch didn't have the battery and the spring pen didn't have the spring. When we found the missing parts and put it together we realized how important every part was in order for things to work.

We reflected on this activity and this is what we thought......

We brainstormed where we had seen teams working together. From that we identified what are the workplaces of these teams.

Lastly, we sat with our friends and tried to come up with a statement that showed what they thought they would be learning over the next five weeks. 

The key words that they were given members, share, work together, workplace, towards, common task.

In the story 'The Hare and the Tortoise', we came across a  new word ...'trundled'. We looked it up in the dictionary and learnt that it means to move and roll slowly.

Taking our learning forward we read a poem  - Walking woes.

We identified all the synonyms of walk from the poem and added the new words to our synonyms word wall.
We also identified that this was a rhyming poem. We identified that the last word of every other sentence sounded the same.

 Soon, we got engrossed in searching for synonyms of walk. We came up with quite a few words and added them to our synonym wall.

S.P.E.L.L. time

In Math , we are exploring 2D shapes. We began by making a robot with the given shapes cutouts and then identifying which ones we already knew.

We went on to learn the names of the different shapes.

B.U.I.L.D. time

This week Grades 1 and 5 shared their learning of their previous units with us. It was truly amazing to see how they had learnt about self history and the history of others. They explained to us how a persons life changes when faced with risks, challenges and opportunities. Thank you Ms Jessica and Ms, Cecilia for inviting us for the lovely exhibition . Grades 1 and 5 awesome show !!!!!