Saturday, 20 September 2014

Week 7

We began this week by reading the story 'A drop in the lake'. Through the book we learnt how we affect the environment and pollute the lakes, streams and rivers. The book inspired us to make a water filter using everyday things. We decided to make the water filter ourselves and see if it really worked.

We used an empty bottle.... cotton.....sand .... gravel and some dirty water to make out water filter. Click on the videos below to see how we made -

                                                           Did it work????? Click to find out.

This week, we had a sharing session with one of our ex students Siya Jain. She joined us from Singapore to share about the land forms and climate in Singapore. We shared all about Maharashtra and the land forms that we are blessed with. We realized that Singapore is hot all the time and it rains there through out the year as it is an island. Singapore does not have many land forms and most of the things there are man made. Thank you Siya for sharing with us all about Singapore and the climate there.

We opened our mystery jars this week to find words with the short 'a' sound in them. We said them aloud to understand the sound and then sorted them as per the sound the words made. The mystery jar is going to be teaching us different sounds, spelling patterns, sight words and new vocabulary each week. Wonder what is in there for next week??????

In Math, we are learning the concept of carrying over and borrowing (regrouping ) by using our understanding of place value. When adding two digit numbers, children will be looking at them and deciding if they can regroup ( or borrow) them for a ten.


B.U.I.L.D. time

In P.E. we are dancing away to stay fit. Watch out moves and grooves here......

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