Sunday, 14 September 2014

Going Further.....

We completed our salt map of Maharashtra. We were surprised to find out about the numerous rivers we have in Maharashtra, the forests...the hills....the mountain ranges..... the plateaus.....the water reservoirs.....beaches..... We truly are blessed with a range of land forms in our state.

We shared our learning with Grade 2 students and showed them how these land forms help us in our lives. Take a sneak peek through the final journey of our project -

We continued working on our land forms journal. We marked out the major lakes found in the world. We researched about how the land forms impact different settlements around them. Learning about how we are affecting these wonderful creations of God was an eye opener for us. 

In Math, we learnt about co ordinates. Once we understood that coordinates are set on values that show the exact location we moved on to understand what are latitudes and longitudes. We tried to find the exact location of few places.

This week we started our Math B.U.I.L.D. centres.

So what is B.U.I.L.D.

B = Buddy games 
(Pretty self explanatory)

U = Using manipulative
At this station we will be using math manipulative to work with . ( snap cubes., base ten blocks/cards, playing cards, counters, coins, dice etc)

I = Independent Math
We will work with math task cards or journal prompts at this station.

L = Learning about Numbers
At this station we are going to be working at strengthening our number sense and /or fact fluency. We will include math computer time here as well!.

D = Doing Math
At this station we will reinforce the current topic of Math that we are working on through a variety of activities.

In Language, we are learning about letter writing. We began with comparing two letters written by the same person. We discovered that the two letters were very different....the purpose ...the format...the language all were different. A small glimpse into what we discovered while we were comparing the two letters.

This week, Grade 5 put up an assembly sharing with us what they are learning in their class. They shared with us about affirmations. We are going to tell ourselves everyday - I am special..I am beautiful.....I can do everything. Thank you for such a positive message Grade 5 and Ms. Cecilia. We will surely try and implement this in our daily lives.

We have started the mystery word jar in our class too! Stay tuned till next week to know what its all about.

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