Friday, 31 January 2014

Week 23

"How did it get late so soon? " So rightfully said by Dr Suess. We ended the last week of the first month of the year having so much fun. We began the week by completing our reports on the library. We then got set to plan our interviews. We brainstormed what a good interview looks like and accordingly we set to work. We planned our interviews.....made a list of all the questions we wanted to ask keeping in mind the aim of the interview.

We interviewed and recorded all that they said. The following week we will work on presenting the information to our friends.

In Math, we learnt about equivalent fractions. We explored that the fractions that have the same value but look different are called equivalent fractions.

We also had some fun learning fun math facts about ourselves.


                             We measured each other height and found out how tall we were.



 We measured our head circumference and measured it.




We compiled all that in a sheet called - All About Me Math
(Inspired from Teachers pay

This week we also had or dance assembly. Thank you Ms. Abigail for teaching us these cool moves.

Watch our moves and grooves at  -

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