Sunday, 19 January 2014

Getting ready to start our new unit - How we organise ourselves!

This week we began working on our new UOI under the theme - How we organise ourselves. Under this unit we will be looking at how in a workplace different people share different responsibility toward a common purpose.

We began with a game that required the students to work as a team.

We faced problems, but we found out a solution to it.....and finally we did achieve our goal.

Post the game we reflected on what made them succeed in their task.

Post this activity we moved on to thinking what id co operation. What does it look like.....what dos it feel like......what does it sound like.

We discussed the same in our group and made a Y chart on the same.

As this unit is going to be all about working in groups, we got into groups again..... discussed.....shared what we though about - connection /importance of co operation between colleagues.

In Language, we are learning how to write a non chronological report. We looked at different report samples and learnt the different features of a non chronological report.

In Math, we have been learning about doubles and near doubles of numbers.  Stay tuned for the Monsters NNRSJ band coming soon to rock you with their band!!

Coming Soon.......MONSTER'S NNRSJ!!!!!!

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