Saturday, 30 November 2013

Week 16!

We began the week with the mystery bag. 

We wrote clues for our friends and they had to guess what we had kept in our Mystery bags.

Happy Birthday Raanan!!!!!!!!!!!!

We studied about the artist Vincent Van Gogh and tried to understand how he had created his identity through his art work. We looked at a mix of paintings of various artists and we tried to find out which ones were painted by Van Gogh. We then concluded that he had created his identity through the colours he used, through his style of painting and the type of paintings he made.

Last week we also worked on  trying to figure out what our identity is.

We expressed ourselves as a - colour, a number, an idea, a shape, a character, a thing, a dream and a letter.  Thank you Ms.Cecilia for this lovely idea. It made us think more deeper about ourselves.

We learnt that our finger prints are the one thing that no one else can share. That is one of our unique self identities. Thank you Shawn sir for this lovely activity.

We also explored about how our culture contributes to our identities.

We may belong to different cultures and have different identities but we are still the same!

We learnt how to write an Acrostic poem.

In Math, we have been learning about division and understanding equal sharing and equal grouping. We also learnt about the inverse relationship between multiplication and division.