Monday, 4 November 2013

Happy Diwali!

What a busy week the last week before the Diwali break has been. It whizzed by with a blink of the eye.  

This week we wrapped up our projects. Painstakingly working at adding in the last final details. 

Finally completed! Phew! We are extremely proud of the work we have done.

                        We invited our friends and teachers in Edubridge to share our learning with them.

While working on these projects so diligently we realised we have been........

Siya - I have been a 'Reflective learner' as I thought back on what I had researched, planned my project and made a model on Ancient Greek civilization.

Raanan - I have been a 'Balanced learner' as I used my work time wisely and completed my project in the time Ms. gave us.

Jason - I have been a 'Risk taker' as I tried to make the shaduf on my own even though it was very difficult for me. I used different materials to complete my project.
Nishka - I have been a 'Communicator' as I shared my ideas and all that I have learned about Indus Valley with all my classmates and  friends from other grades.

Nirja - I have been an 'Inquirer' as I have been asking a lot of questions to understand the things that we have been researching about.

In Math, we explored the concept of capacity. We learnt that 1000 ml = 1 litre.
Does anyone want to know how many litres make a gallon? Ask our young curious learners.

We had  a surprise visit by Mick sir to teach us about sequences. It was so much fun and now we know that a sequence is a list of numbers that follow a pattern. Thank you Mick sir for taking time out and visiting our class. We completely enjoyed it. You make us want more and more of Math.

We began our Diwali break with sweet memories of spending time making diyas and rangolis with our loving Grandparents. Thank you to all the granny's and grandpas for making our Diwali celebration so special.
                                                                     We love you so much!!!!!

                  Thank you Ms. Nirmala and Ms. Siya for telling us why Diwali is celebrated.

Making lanterns with our Dadiji's and Dadaji's

       Rangoli time!


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