Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Our First Field trip !!!

Field trips expand children's learning through active hands-on experience with the rich resources of the local community. Field trips increase student knowledge and understanding of a subject and add realism to the topic of study.

Field trips offer an opportunity for us to get exposure to ‘real’ people and events and the opportunity to make connections with others. On field trips we visit places that we are not normally exposed to during the school day. In order to enhance their learning Grade 3 went to the first field trip to the Prince of Wales Museum.


The Prince of Wales Museum is one of the most significant museums in India. The museum showcases innumerable forms of art and artifacts hailing from India, Tibet, Nepal and other far eastern countries are preserved in this museum. The museum also houses a collection of 2000 rare miniature paintings from several noteworthy art schools in India.There is another section that displays Indian arms and armour that displays an array of weapons, swords, shields in addition to other exhibits. The museum has a section comprised of European oil paintings.There are also rare archeological artifacts that date back to the 'Indus Valley' civilization in the 2000 B.C. Remnants from the 'Maurya' as well as 'Gupta' periods are beautifully displayed in the museum.