Monday, 19 August 2013

Week three......

Using Games to learn Math.

Math is one of those subjects that must be taught in an exciting way using the child's natural sense of fun to drive home concepts and facts. With imagination one can make the task of learning about numbers easier and more welcome by using games in teaching maths.

 Incorporating games into Math teaching is beneļ¬cial for:

• providing students practice with skills.

• giving students ways to apply mathematical ideas to problem solving situations and develop strategic thinking, important aspects of mathematical thinking; 

• building students’ interest in and appreciation for mathematics by engaging them in enjoyable activities and challenges;

• supporting the idea that learning can (and should) be as fun as possible;

We have started working on the concept of Place value in the class. To catch a tiny glimpse into how we learnt how to order numbers and solve problems without talking!

Music is an amazing tool for teaching languages, especially to children. Good songs will bounce around in a learner's head long after their lesson is over. Young learners pick up vocabulary, grammatical structures, and the rhythm of the language simply by doing what they already love to do...singing.

We are learning how to write an informal letter. Ms. Amanda came in and taught us a song on how to write a friendly letter through a song.