Monday, 12 August 2013

Our first Unit of Inquiry at Edubridge!!!!

We began our first unit of Inquiry with a gallery walk. We explored the four stations.....

Tuning In.....

"These look like the map "

"Why is this blue cloth here?????"

" Ah!!!! that's for the water.....the oceans"

"Look ....That's where volcanoes erupt! "

"These rocks have come from Japan....."

"I have seen these black rocks in our school. They come from the ground"


These look like the ones in the book....... 


"That's a globe.....our Earth is round"

Going through books to see what we can find out.

 "We are going to learn about volcanoes and tsunamis and all the troubles in the world."

We used the chip chop to see how much we already knew about land forms.

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