Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Summative time

We continued to research about the life and work of our inventors.

Finally we had enough data to begin writing our biographies on the famous inventors.

Art Integration
We went further to know our inventors better. We took up the project of  making biography bottles.
Our Art teacher Ms. Delnaz taught us how to use different materials to enhance the features our biography bottle.

Putting a body to the face.

Our completed biography bottles

Precious Past and Present Musuem
As part of our  summative, we had to set up a museum and share our learning with others.
Preparation time

We are ready for the visitors!!!!

Our PYP friends, teachers and parents at our museum

A glimpse into our musuem

In Math,  we continued to work on comparing fractions

We tuned into what equivalent fractions are like this -

Reviewing and practicing fractions